This is my car, a 911S born in 1967, chassienumber 308 429S and enginenumber 962 080.

Winner of PCS Concours d´Elegance 1992 in Söderköping.

Second place in it´s class at Porsche Parade Europe 1994 in Ronneby.

Second place at PCS Concours d´Elegance 1997 in Borgholm.

Winner of PCS Concours d´Elegance 2000 in Ystad.

Second place at PCS Concours d´Elegance 2005 in Karlstad and winner of Peoples Choice


More info is comming...

Photo: Andreas Mau, Boden. May 11, 2002.


Photo: Steve Stievenart. This picture was part of the article "A blonde to enjoy" in Flat 6 Magazine, No 42. Picture taken at Porsche Parade Europe, Ronneby 1994.

Text from the article: "It is said that The Swedish girls are beautiful, tall, blond, cheerful and enjoy themselves with all kinds of pleasure. But during our journey in Sweden we saw nothing of such life. But You have to remember that we are serious guys and have eyes just for Porsches. However, it was here we discovered this magnificent Swedish Beauty, equipped with a flat 6 and carburetters