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For those wondering of the name "SKARABORGSFLYG", (flight in Skaraborg) I can tell I have been a former Airforce pilot and in 1970 became a civilian pilot and flightinstructor, living in Lidköping, in the County of Skaraborg, in Sweden, that´s why.

My site, however, most of all deal with cars, Porsche, restoration and decals. Reason for this site is my interest of technology, to "meet" people like myself, and interchange of thoughts around early 911 cars. Finally it is a way to find and buy spareparts and to sell decals and parts I do not need anylonger.

Two articles You find here, is considered to give readers a bakground and understanding from my relationship to my Porsche.

During the restoration there was a continuous need for spareparts, but also for new and fresh decals in order to replace old and ugly one(s). But, many of those was no longer available from the Stuttgart factory. An obvious problem!

Since many years, my wife have an Advertising Agency and I do the screenprinting jobb there, when not flying. That appeared to be a perfect combination when my need for decals came true.
Based on stickers in a more or less bad shape, I could produce new samples, as close to the original as I found possible.
From time to time it was frustrating to solve out what had been written on a destroyed spot or part of a decal, airtube paperbox or similar. Things like, what was the original color of the 30 year old decal, You had in front of You.
This was a very timeconsuming part of the restauration, but it payed off when I saw the final result.
Many fellow members of Porsche Club Sweden heard of these reprints and enjoyed them too, or asked me for different stickers to be done.
Once I had an big Airbox on loan from a PCS-member to be able to copy and reprint a Shell-sticker. And very important, all of this leaving the original sticker undamaged.




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